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Reblocking & Restumping Houses in Melbourne

What is Reblocking and when should you go for it?

If you have old timber stumps in your property, then you may find that your floors will eventually become uneven. Reblocking can prevent this situation from occurring, as it replaces these timber stumps with new concrete ones, which will ensure that your floors remain level. There are a number of other reasons why you may want to consider having reblocking undertaken at your property.

The use of timber stumps is more common in older properties, and so if your property is more than thirty years old then you may find that problems start appearing. Having reblocking work carried out is even more important if you are renovating an older property.

Timber stumps can also become too dry during times of drought and this can cause them to crack and move. If you have widespread moisture in the foundations of your home, then concrete will not be as affected by this as timber would. Concrete is also a more stable material for stumps to be made from if your property is built on reactive clay or an unstable surface. Reblocking can prevent your foundations from moving or bricks from cracking in your walls if your home is built on these types of surfaces.

Indications that you may have sub-floor problems

If you suspect that you may have a problem with your sub-floor, then there are a number of signs that you can look out for. You may notice that your floors feel bouncy or spongy when you walk on them, and that there is an unpleasant smell coming from below that ground. Water may also be intruding into your property from under your sub-floor. You may also notice problems with your doors and windows. There may be gaps appear around them, or they may become misaligned, which will cause them to stick. You may also notice cracks appearing in your plaster or bricks.

Why Choose Global Reblocking?

By choosing Global Reblocking you will be making an excellent choice for dealing with all your reblocking needs, as we have a proven record of meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations. Our experience in the reblocking industry spans more than twenty years and we have built a highly skilled team of workers within our company. We are members of HIA and are Registered Building Practitioners.