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The cost of restumping a home in Melbourne can vary due to different factors. However, a professional restumping company will always understand the factors which affect the overall cost.


cost of restumping a house in melbourne


Here are the reasons you should go for a professional company while restumping Melbourne houses:

  • A professional company will use adjustable, strong, and world-class stumps. It will only outsource any restumping services to experienced and trusted independent business partners. Professionals will always do the work right.
  • Professionals offer quotes based on quality work. Always be wary of companies that quote cheap prices. Inexperienced companies tend to trap customers with cheap prices only to do work that may lead to extremely tragic results.
  • Professionals will do everything properly without cutting any corners. Doing so would only worsen the problem.

Factors that Affect the Restumping Costs

The overall cost of the project can depend on many factors like:

  1. The property’s height- If the house lies very low, it can be more challenging for contractors to access the stumps. It might require digging or excavating to restump. This may increase the cost. If the house is high above the ground, then it will require less effort and labor to restump. However, the materials may cost more due to the high height.
  2. Soil condition- The soil condition on which your house sits can impact on the extent of work to be done when restumping. The best way to determine the soil condition is having it tested by an expert. An engineer should also assess how deep the stumps should be depending on the soil condition. This will assist in avoiding errors and extra cost in future.
  3. Can the work be done all at once? Generally, a restumping project should be carried out sequentially till completion and not in phases. If you want it done in phases, then the workers will be coming more times and this will only increase labor costs.
  4. The existing foundation- If the foundation is in a reusable state, then it will save you money and time.
  5. Stump holes- In case the stump holes are reusable, then this will save you money and time. However, if the workers will have to dig deeper holes, then the cost will be increased.

Restumping Costs

For a brick veneer house, the price can be anything up to $10000

For a weatherboard house, the prices  may vary – starting from $13000

The price may vary depending on several factors such as the total number of the stumps that require replacement, their height, whether you’ll be using steel or concrete stumps, and whether rotted joists and bearers require replacement.

Average price for the restumping process is around $500 to $700 per stump. However, the price can be as low as $400 if there are no unusual or unique issues.

However, always be aware of contractors who offer unrealistically cheap prices. Such contractors may not have the required experience and tools to carry out the work.

They may also use substandard products. This will only lead to extra costs if the work will have to be done afresh. Although a professional contractor may charge you more, they will eventually be more affordable and save you more money.

Professionals will use quality products and they have all the necessary expertise, tools and equipment required to do the work successfully. They will always have products in stock and ready to restump your house any time.


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