Reblocking is a process used to remove the old wooden stumps sitting under your home that is there to hold the building up from the ground.

These stumps need to be updated, to sturdy concrete ones. The biggest problem is that with these old wooden stumps, they are just sitting in damp conditions all the time, and they tend to rot.

There is also a risk of termites infesting the wood, and these wooden stumps can even sink into the ground beneath your house. These are common problems which affect many homes. This usually calls for a reblocking Melbourne company to fix them.

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However, You can look for signs. These signs will tell you whether or not your home needs reblocked.

These signs include finding cracks in the wall, having your doors and windows not working properly, or finding noisy and uneven floors which may mean that the entire house is uneven.

It is important for you to reblock your house so that you can keep it as safe and secure for your loved ones as much as possible; by reblocking or restumping you will also increase the value of your home.

However, what if your home is already sitting on concrete blocks and you are still finding these signs in your home? The first thing is making sure you don’t worry.

Not every time these signs show up in a home means that your home needs to be restumped. The second is to remember that there could be several other reasons that these problems are happening.

With, even more, options to have these problems resolved. For instance, by adding stumps; after leveling and packing the dirt. But, in truth, it all depends on the severity of the issues. In most cases, you might have no choice but to restump your home.

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