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Changing weather conditions and natural calamities, among other factors, tend to damage the foundation of your house in Melbourne. Some of the indicators of a damaged foundation are cracks and leaks on the walls.

A damaged or weak foundation may contribute to other problems such as insect infestation or in the worst case scenario, the walls may collapse. This can be dangerous to the household.


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Luckily, you can always hire a professional contractor to fix your foundation problems. However, how will you select the best contractor considering the fact that there are many foundation repair companies to choose from? Consider the following factors:


Experience in Repairing Foundations

If your foundation has a problem and you are searching for an ideal contractor, then go for someone with many years of experience in repairing foundations. An experience contractor stands a better chance of identifying the exact problem and will know the best solution to fix your foundation.

You can simply search for contractors online and check the feedback left by previous customers to determine the ideal one. You can also request for some recommendations from family and friends.


Onsite Assessment

A foundation can be damaged due to many reasons. It is crucial to establish what caused the problem in order to repair the damage effectively. Once the cause is known, the right equipment and tools will be used.

A professional and reliable contractor should offer onsite assessment services so as to establish what exactly damaged the foundation. Inspecting the site will shed more light to the contractor and assist in finding the best way of fixing the problem. Only hire a company that offers onsite inspection services.



Always check the solutions that the repair company offers. Check whether the company offers many solutions to choose from and at different costs.

A reliable company should be in a position to fix any kind of foundation damages including tilting chimneys and jammed windows. Choose a company that can handle any issue related to damages on the foundation to ensure that you will have the problem fixed properly.


Specialized Products

You should also consider whether the company you are about to choose uses products which are specially made for repairing foundations. Ask your potential contractor about their products and the benefits and drawbacks of using each one of them.

Some products might not be quite effective like others and this can eventually cost you a lot more. Always remember to ask your contractor about the experiences they have had with the products.



Another factor you should consider is the time it’ll take to repair your foundation. Some problems can be repaired within some days while others may take more than a week. It will all depend on the extent of the damage, the root cause of the problem, and the reliability of the contractor.

Before signing any agreement, get an estimate of the time it will take your contractor to get the work done. It will be more convenient having the project completed soonest possible. However, the quality of the work should be the high and not rushed just to complete the work quickly.

Always keep your home safe by having any damage on the foundation fixed immediately. Ensure you only go for a contractor who offers quality repair services and the price for the project should be reasonable. Global Reblocking provides complete house foundation repair services in Melbourne.

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