The Effect of Water on Foundation and How to Repair It

One of the worst enemies of any foundation is water. No matter the type of the foundation, whether it is a block or a poured concrete foundation, water will still affect it.

When the drainage flows in a wrong direction, especially towards the foundation, then it will destroy it. Once the foundation is damaged, the ultimate solution will be having it repaired soonest possible.


What Does Water do to the Foundation?

Once water soaks the soil beneath the foundation, it makes it swell. This makes the soaked soil to expand. The soil areas that are not soaked won’t swell. Hence, some sections of the foundation will be lifted due to soil expansion and this is referred to as heaving.

The lift is generally uneven since only some sections are affected and this makes the foundation uneven. Holes and cracks on the foundation walls are an indication of heaving.

water damage to house foundation

Will Waterproofing Help?

One of the most effective prevention measures to avoid costly repairs is waterproofing the foundation. Landscape grading techniques, proper sloping, pumps, and downspouts all assist in keeping the foundation drier.

However, waterproofing does not always prevent foundation damage. Melting towards the end of winter, as spring starts, and heavy floods during summer rains often makes more water to seep into the soil on which a foundation sits beyond what waterproofing can handle, according to a concrete waterproofing company.

If this happens, then heaving may occur and the foundation will have to be repaired to prevent it from sloping, sinking, and depreciating in terms of value.


There’re many complications that may take place when water damages the foundation. For instance, cracks, tilting, tipping, and bowing will lead to many complications in the home.

For instance, the floors may sag while the windows and doors that would otherwise open easily become stuck and jammed. This will depreciate your home’s value and it will be less inviting to live in such a home.

When to Seek for Assistance

Even a handy homeowner often runs into trouble. Repairing a foundation is complex and risky, and it demands assistance from a professional contractor to ensure the foundation is repaired appropriately and safely.

You should always check the foundation and basement for visible seams, holes, and cracks especially during a wet or rainy season. These are periods during which soil is prone soaking. If you notice some small cracks, then have them repaired as soon as possible.

However, if you notice larger cracks on the foundation or basement walls, then you should call an expert to fix the problem. You should never attempt to fix major foundation problems on your own.

Heaving repairs tend to be costly especially when a homeowner attempts to do it on his or her own without seeking the assistance of an experienced and reliable contractor.

If you attempt to repair major issues affecting your foundation, you might make some errors or fail to establish the extent of the problem. Hence, the issue will reoccur and deteriorate.

By the time you call an expert, it will cost you more since the problems you attempted fixing have deteriorated and they will be repaired together with the new ones. Always avoid gambling with your foundation. Contact a Melbourne based foundation repair expert immediately you notice problems with your foundation.

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