House Lifting To Enhance Home Protection

The process of house lifting is usually done to houses that are prone to damage from floods. It can also be carried out with the aim of repairing foundation problems. This process has been carried out for many years now.

Most homeowners prefer moving from a house that is to be lifted rather than staying in a raised house that is placed and supported on stumps.

The thoughts about how a home might look unattractive in a neighborhood after lifting makes most homeowners shy away from the idea of getting their home lifted. Besides, this is a process that sounds quite expensive for most homeowners.


House lifting foundation repair in Melbourne

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Lifting a house is quite expensive. There is no need sugarcoating it. You might end up spending as much as $80000 – $150000 if everything would go well as planned. Hence, you need to ask yourself some questions.

For instance, is your house worth the repair process? Is your house worth taking precaution measures? Is it easier packing up and moving away? The financial decision you will make requires thinking over and over again.


Repairing a Foundation

Any major repairs on a foundation should always be done as soon as it is noticed before any further damage occurs. It is not easy to tell when your home might cave in due to some foundation problems.

In case you can be able to tell, then it means that it’s already late to make any repairs and such a house would just be deserted and maybe demolished.


repairing the foundation of a house


If the concrete walls of a basement are flaking, then this is a sign of a problem with the foundation that requires attention. If the basement walls are cracking, bulging out, and crumbling, it means the house is sinking. Moisture may have seeped in from the ground beneath and penetrated into the walls of your basement.

This may soften the concrete, making the walls unstable. In some instances, home lifting might not be necessary for a major repair on the foundation. When the basement shows initial signs of damage, the homeowner might assume that the property is only settling and no further damage may occur. However, this is one very big mistake.

Once you notice any weakness signs in the basement such as bulgy walls, you should call a repair specialist immediately to assess the extent of damage on the foundation and recommend the best solution.


Avoiding Flood Damage

Concrete walls that are flaking does not really mean that that moisture from underneath is the problem affecting the basement walls. It might be that the basement might have been flooded before for a long time before the flood water was drained.

But what do you know about the history of your home? Have you just moved in? Checked to see whether the area is prone to floods and if so, did you obtain flood insurance?

Majority of people who live in flood risk areas and don’t have a basement often consider protecting their homes by placing secured and solid stumps beneath. Although this process does work, some cities are against home lifting. Hence, always check with your city’s construction codes before doing such a costly and lengthy project.

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