House Reblocking or Raising Laws and Their Importance


There are several different laws and policies around almost everything a human being does. At times, you’ll wonder whether the laws are only in place as a source of revenue for governments. However, laws related to house restumping or raising exist to keep you protected.

For a Melbourne reblocking or raising company, knowing the associated laws and observing them is not only about maintaining their license, but is about your safety. Thus, it’s important to take the existing laws seriously.


replacing wooden stumps with steel or concrete


In case you hire a reblocking company that doesn’t follow the set laws, then you’ll be at risk of facing serious litigation.

Thus, it’s important to ensure that you’re choosing a reputable and professional house reblocking or raising company.


The Importance of Licensing

There’s a lot that may go wrong with reblocking or raising a house. For a restumping company to get proper licensing, it means they’ve demonstrated their compliance with the existing laws and have undergone mandatory safety training regarding the services they offer.

After all, you wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your home and family by hiring a contractor who lacks the much-needed expertise, experience, and knowledge in reblocking.

Thus, if your house requires reblocking services, choose a licensed company that can do all the required work legally.


Protecting Your Home

By hiring an unlicensed company or a contractor who doesn’t observe the relevant restumping laws, your home will be at risk of costly damages.

Work that isn’t done by a licensed contractor may be deemed as unlawful or unsafe and the house may get demolished as required by law.

In some cases, local authorities may force you out of your house while it’s being rebuilt, rendering you without a place to stay at a time when you hadn’t planned for such eventualities.

Safety laws are meant to not only protect you and your property but to also protect anyone working on the property and your visitors.


Being At Peace

If you visit a restaurant only to be welcomed by inexperienced staff, then a lot can go long. For instance, the cutlery and plates might not be properly cleaned and their food may taste awful.

Thus, there’s a lot that has to be considered when preparing and serving meals in a restaurant. Consequently, a restaurant must have professionally trained and qualified staff for the best services.

When hiring a house raising or reblocking company, observe more caution than you would in a restaurant scenario.

You can only be at peace by knowing that your house is being raised or restumped by a licensed, lawful, and experienced reblocking company.


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