How to Save Your Home by Underpinning


Maybe you’ve noticed small cracks on the exterior of your house. Since the cracks are small, you may assume that the issue means nothing much and ignore it. However, even the smallest cracks can’t go away by themselves.

They’ll probably widen over time. Once the cracks widen, you won’t escape fixing the problem, yet you wouldn’t want to imagine that underpinning is the only solution.

By delaying to fix the problem, it’ll worsen over time and demand expensive repairs.


repairing a house with underpinning


Save Your Home by Underpinning

Large vertical cracks on the exterior wall should be taken seriously. It’s an indication of a possible problem with your foundation and it requires underpinning by a Melbourne expert to fix the issue.

One of the reasons why there may be large cracks on the exterior wall is due to a sinking foundation such that the wall will split or buckle. You can check for other signs such as:

  • Sticking windows
  • Sticking doors
  • Cracks in the interior walls
  • Floors that are feeling spongy

There are several reasons that can cause the foundation to sink. They include:

  • Erosion
  • Subsidence
  • Dry soil in the event of a drought
  • Soil saturated with water
  • Poorly designed or constructed foundation

Once your foundation becomes unstable or weakened for whatever reason, the issue may worsen over time. If you allow the issue to worsen, your house may end up crumbling once it reaches its tipping point and can no longer stand.


Getting Underpinning Quotes

Before getting accurate quotes from underpinning contractors, you need to have your property inspected by an experienced structural engineer or underpinning specialist.

The specialist will determine what has caused the problem. They’ll recommend the ideal solution to fix the problem.

The benefit of working with an expert to establish the causes of the foundation issue is that they’ll offer you an independent inspection.

While a complete inspection may require soil testing and other necessary tests, the overall cost of the entire process will be outweighed by all the advantages that come with living in a safe house upon fixing it.

Underpinning may save your home from collapsing. Thus, have the problem fixed as soon as you notice the signs of possible foundation failure.

Underpinning contractors use several methods to repair a faulty foundation. Some specialize in concrete underpinning while others use resin injection method.

A reputable contractor will visit the site and check whether their techniques are suitable to fix the specific problem. In some instances, several techniques may be combined to fix the issue.

If you have your home inspected and fixed as soon as you notice any warning signs, you’ll save more money by underpinning rather than waiting for costlier repairs.


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