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Have you ever wondered the system on which your home sits? Yes, your house foundation? Most people don’t know that house foundation is an essential feature in providing a safe support, strength to the layout above the ground.

But as years roll out, the foundation is bound to develop tear and wear. This as a result of weather conditions, dimensions of your home and soil conditions. Any signs of cracks in your home means replacement and repairs need to be done.

restumping and underpinning to fix house foundation

Why Reblocking of your House is Needed?

When the signs of cracks are identified, this means that the stumps of your foundation are affected. The home may now become unstable and unsafe for you and your family.

Reblocking, therefore, is needed to solve the issue of deterioration, cracking, and rotting of the foundation. The stumps that are damaged, thus, need to be either replaced or reinforced.

Process of Reblocking

A detailed approach of reblocking needs to be undertaken to ensure that damaged stumps are fixed. This process entails:

  • Supporting the cracked or worn out stumps by mounting jacks
  • Excavating the soil to touch the base of foundation
  • Removal of stumps and their substitutes are then hanged above the empty holes
  • Pouring of concrete into mined holes and inserting new stumps after survey.

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