Rejuvenating a House - Restumping a House

Everyone spends most of his or her quality time at home with family and friends. Hence, a home requires not only being decorated but also being kept secure and safe. The foundation of a house plays a huge role in determining its safety and durability.

A strong foundation endures forces of nature, while a weak foundation may give in at any time.

Construction of houses in all counties around the world mainly depends of the climatic and weather conditions prevalent in a specific region where a person lives. The elements of weather and nature, in general, pose major problems in the construction industry.

Nature can actually bring down a house. Thanks to the ever advancing technology that there are now several techniques of securing a home in many countries across the globe. These techniques depend on the design and type of a house that has to be secured to ensure the people living in it are safe.


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In some tropical countries, houses are usually elevated on stilts. In some countries, especially those that experience torrential rains and loosening and shifting of soil, the houses are usually raised using stumps. These stumps form the foundation or the base of the raised house.

If a house is neglected for a long period of time without taking any measures to repair defects on the foundation, the windows and doors might experience problems when closing or opening them, and the floors might start sagging. In the worst case scenario, the house may sink in. Stumps are a great solution in repairing a weak foundation. They are usually made from materials like timber, concrete, and steel.

Although the stumps made of wood are affordable and economical, they are not as strong as those made of concrete. Concrete stumps are strong and though more expensive than wooden ones, they ultimately save you more money. Steel stumps often result in a structure swaying from time to time and this can ultimately make a house crush down.

When renovating a house, you might have to replace any decayed and old stumps that are supporting the house. New and strong stumps would be used for replacement. This is known as restumping. Replacing the old stumps involves sliding or raising the specific house off the current floor level. Heaving the house level is necessary when replacing stumps.

The stumps are usually replaced with timber or steel stumps, but concrete makes better stumps and are more durable. Raising a house is usually done using heavy duty industrial jacks that can support the entire weight and size of a house. Any other heavy equipment that can support the house may also be used in raising it.

The house can be raised as a whole or in sections. There are many professional firms that offer house restumping services and you can always find a reliable one. Our firm has been serving Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

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