Restumping, also known as reblocking, is a process of removing old wooden blocks that are underneath a building or a house and replacing them with concrete stumps.

If your house or business happens to be sitting on red gum stumps, then they will have to be replaced by concrete, as that tends to be a well known in in certain types of homes, some of which include homes with siding and brick. Contact our Chirnside Park restumping team for more information.

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When Is Restumping Required For My House?

One of the main indications of this happening are walls that are showing marks of fracturing windows or doors may not be closing as they should or the flooring is no longer completely horizontal and your house is slanted at an angle.

The stumps under the house could be rotting from a termite infestation, rotting from damp conditions or the stump could be sinking due to not being set in a sound base. Stabilizing the house in question with hydraulic jacks will be needed while the procedure is taking place.

However, if they already have been replaced by concrete and you are noticing the above signs, it doesn’t necessarily mean a they have to be changed out again as all that could be needed is to add some additional ones that that will forestall further cracking and then leveling to the floor that is not sloped.

However, there may be times where you just need to pack, or underpin instead, which depends on the severity of the house. Underpinning differs from restumping in that they are not replaced, but are just reinforced with new material.

Reblocking is necessary for a number of reasons and one of those reasons is to keep your home and your family secure. Replacing older blocks can increase the value of your home and bring the house to a new state.

Finding moisture in the ground is a good reason to get in touch with a specialist and gather information on the condition of your stumps.


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