Reblocking is also known as restumping and it is a solution to housing problems used within Melbourne and surrounding districts.

Basically the process involves the removal of old or rotting wooden stumps underneath houses or other buildings with more durable concrete stumps. Contact our Eltham restumping experts for a free quote.

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Should there be red gum timber stumps under your home or premises then these need to be replaced by concrete ones as soon as is possible.

The need to solve this problem is generally more common in older properties, as well as solid brickwork, brick veneer and weatherboard buildings.

The main signs you can look for is plaster cracking on walls or ceilings, doors or windows, which no longer shut properly, floors and even houses that are slopping instead of still been level.

When such things are noticeable then it is time to take action by restumping. Wooden stumps may be sinking due to rotting, been infested by termites, or foundations not been laid properly.

The best option is usually to make the house stable with hydraulic jacks until the restumping work can be carried out.

Sometimes houses, which already have concrete stumps can show similar problems yet tend to need less attention than wooden ones require.

Generally concrete stumps will need to be made level again by using packing materials rather than by been replaced. Packing is usually only done in more severe cases.


When is Reblocking Needed?

It is necessary to carry out reblocking at various times, in particular when the safety of you and your family is put at risk by not doing so. An uneven house made so by wooden stumps has to be dealt with immediately.

Sorting out reblocking will not only keep your family secure it will also make sure that the value of your home does not fall if you wish, or need to sell it.

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