Reblocking, also often referred to as restumping, is a building maintenance process in which the wooden stumps which are often placed under houses and buildings are carefully removed. This is usually because they are aging and would prove unstable to the building if not removed

. After these wooden stumps are removed, they are disposed of and replaced with new, durable concrete stumps. Contact our Yarrambat restumping house specialists for details.

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This is a process that, when put simply, is the removal of timber stumps and their replacement to upgraded concrete stumps.

If a home, for example, would happen to be sitting atop red gum stumps; they would have to be removed for the sake of the stability of the building and replaced with much more durable concrete stumps.

The problematic nature of aging wooden stumps in need of replacement is often most prevalent in houses constructed of solid brick, weatherboard or brick veneer.

Often times, you can find major indications of damage in houses affected by these issues by looking at the plaster walls.

If they show prevalent signs of cracks and crevices, as well as windows and shutters proving to be difficult to shut, uneven floors, noisy flooring, and the building generally appearing to be sloping to one side; these are all evidence that reblocking is needed for the building to continue without the hazard of further damage or collapse.

Reasons for the aging stumps causing damage to the building could be that they are rotting, therefore weakening, because of damp conditions, as well as the possibility of a termite infestation, or the stumps could be entirely sinking if there was a chance they were not constructed on a solid base.

During the reblocking process, working to ensure the building is stable during these changes is essential. Hydraulic jacks are often used for the purpose of securing the building or home while the stumps are replaced.

In the event, your home or building is already sitting on the concrete stumps, and yet you are still experiencing the above symptoms of weakening stumps; it should not necessarily call for a complete replacement of the stumps.

Sometimes, these issues can be accommodated for by hanging extra stumps upon the walls in which the cracking is taking place, then working to level the rest of the uneven floor.

There may be times when the only thing of necessity is simple leveling by the method of packing, but this depends on the severity of the damage to the home or building.


Why is Reblocking Necessary?

In order to maintain a safe environment for those residing in your building or home, be it family or workers; keeping the building secure and stable is crucial.

Another reason to have reblocking done to a building is to increase its value on the market. By replacing the old, aged stumps with new and improved concrete ones, the building is brought to a new state and therefore is more valuable to realtors.

Finding moisture and dampness in the ground is one of the indicators that contacting a specialist to get insight status on the stumps below your house is necessary.

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