What to Do and What Not To Do When Raising and Restumping a House

A home that was built many decades ago may require some renovations. One common renovation practice is raising a home to lift it from its foundation or base. This process is also done with the aim of moving a house from one location to another.

This can also be carried out to make some alterations or additions that can add value to a home, or make the home adapt to some changes that may have been caused by nature.

If you have thoughts of raising or restumping your house, then you should expect good results but only when you consider some factors. For instance, consider the costs of the project, the design you want, and how to choose the ideal raising specialist. More so, here are what to do and what not to do during this process:

restumped house project

  1. Before you contact a home raising company, visit your local authority and check whether you will require approval to go on with the project. Local authority regulations in some areas require you to have a building approval before doing such projects, so check whether your area has such regulations.
  2. Ensure you take time to know all the relevant facts and details about house restumping and raising prior to making any arrangements with a specialist. For instance, there are some listings that can assist you in identifying where there are restriction on these services.
  3. Always avoid concluding your plans about restumping without reaching out to a specialist for consultations. If you have already embarked on planning for the renovation and you all of a sudden realize that you want to make an addition or alteration, first consult your service provider about the changes. May be your plan isn’t feasible with the type of your house. Hence, always plan together with your chosen specialist to ensure you don’t waste any time with making plans for something that might not be feasible.
  4. Always choose a reliable and recognized company for the project. This process is not easy and it demands strategy and proper planning. Find a company that has been doing restumping for many years. You can easily find more details about the company through their website. Be caution when selecting a company since one poor decision can lead to huge losses.
  5. Always avoid proceeding with the restumping project before getting an estimate. An estimate that includes a summary of all the expenses will assist in you in planning financially for the project.

Raising a home is important, but can be quite expensive. It includes costs of demolition, raising and framing the walls, covering the floors, kitchen, and bathroom. Other expenses may include plumbing, fixing cables, designing, and earthworks.

Besides these costs, there might be unexpected costs that you should anticipate such as planning errors, miscalculations, and others. If you breakdown the expenses, you will be in a better place to set an appropriate budget for the project.

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