Advanced Techniques of House Foundation Repair in Melbourne

A home guarantees protection and shelter to a family. Hence, as a homeowner in Melbourne, you will always want to keep it safe by repairing any damages such as a damaged foundation.

It is your responsibility to maintain your home for it is a valuable asset. The foundation of a house keeps it strong. It is like how your bones keep you standing.

Settling of the foundation is a major factor that demands immediate repair. Most of the techniques used to repair the foundation of a house, be it a commercial or residential property, are dependent on the style and age of a house, the goals of an owner, and soil conditions on which the foundation sits. You can read about more innovative methods of foundation repair.

foundation repair techniques and methods

There are many methods applied in repairing weak or damaged foundations. Stone, wood, steel, and cement were the most common repair methods in the past. However, they were ineffective. Today, there more effective repair techniques such as hydraulic jacking (piering) and slab jacking. The slab jacking technique involves adding some grout beneath the beam or the slab.

The hydraulic jacking or piering technique involves driving some steel posts into the unstable soil below the foundation. Hydraulic jacks are used to stabilize the weak concrete slabs.

The piers are used to support the home from more damage in case the foundation has problems. Point bearing and friction piers are the most preferred piers for repairing a foundation.

The most advanced techniques of repairing a damaged foundation are the concrete type of piling, steel press piling, and bell bottom piers. The concrete piling technique involves pouring or drilling concrete piers.

Holes are drilled to depths of 9 to 12ft and reinforced with concrete and steel. Shims and concrete spacers are then topped over the drilled or poured concrete.

The steel piling technique involves inserting hollow piles made of steel into the ground using a rotary based press. The steel piling technique is considered to be the best repair technique for it offers a long lasting solution for supporting a foundation.

The bell bottom piers method is all about drilling one hole into the ground. The bottom of the hole is belled. Concrete is poured into this hole and it lifts off the foundation.

In case you are suspecting or you have detected some problems with your foundation, contact an expert immediately to inspect it and give you a cost estimate for fixing the problem. The repair expert will check the extent of the damage by doing an onsite inspection. The contractor will assess the best repair technique and the time it will take to repair your foundation.

Your contractor will also estimate the costs of repair by considering factors like the types of materials to be used, labor costs, and what contributed to the damage. All the aspects of your foundation will be considered so as to determine the best technique to fix the problem.

The ideal contractor is the one who has experience in repairing all kinds of house foundations, can construct new foundations, can be able to handle all problems associated with a damaged foundation, and deals with all concrete based constructions.

You can examine different contractors and check the reviews left by previous customers to have an idea of the quality of their services. Comparing different contractors will assist you in making a better investment decision.

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