The Mud Jacking Foundation Repair Technique Explained

Foundation repairing is usually done when there is an emergency or when the home shows signs of foundation damage or weakness. For instance, you might be sitting at your living room only to notice some cracks on the wall.

In severe cases, you may notice big crack on the bricks. Large cracks on the bricks or the wall would be disturbing.

A home is a quite expensive investment. Hence, it is one of the most treasured possessions. At times, you may discover some problems with its foundation when planning to sell it.

A buyer may have hired an inspector only for the inspection report to indicate some problems with the foundation. This can be very disappointing especially when you are selling it off quickly to get some money to buy a new home.

mud jacking foundation repair - pressure grouting & slab jacking

But how would you fix a damaged or weak foundation? Some homeowners would call a professional while others would do it on their own. Professionals use a number of techniques to fix a foundation.

One of the most common techniques used to repair a foundation is mud jacking. This technique uses two methods which are raising the floors and filling a void.

Filling a Void

Sometimes, problems with foundation in houses in some parts of Melbourne Vic are usually as a result of settling of a foundation. During the construction of a property, some piers made of concrete are installed beneath a grade beam.

This process starts with fixing the problem using industrial equipment to put the property back to the original position. Once the house is readjusted, a void will be created below the slab. The expert will fill the void left using the mud jacking method.

This technique requires two holes to be drilled through the grade beam that surrounds the home. Then a cement grout and soil mixture is pumped into the created void. The two holes are then filled with a mixture of cement grout and soil.

Raising the Floors

In some situations, the slab might have settled. In such a scenario, this technique will be used to lift the floors and it is done from the interior of the home.

Two holes are drilled into the slab on the area that has settled. Then a stiff mixture of cement grout and soil is pumped into the foundation. Basically, this method is applied to complex foundation problems.

This technique may sound simple, but it has to be done correctly since it is a delicate process. Seasoned professionals who are familiar with land issues have extensive experience and they would repair your home professionally.

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