How to Fix Old Foundations in Melbourne

Many people love Melbourne Vic for multiple reasons. For instance, the region has an incredible nature and weather. Melbourne is known for its historic houses which are found in almost every neighborhood.

If you love the art behind older homes, then you are aware that they demand professional repair and regular maintenance to ensure that they remain sound, safe, and beautiful.


Foundations on older homes are built differently from newer ones. Hence, there are several challenges involved in repairing older foundations. An onsite inspection by an experienced, certified, and reliable foundation repair contractor can assist in keeping your home in shape.

foundation repairs in old melbourne house

Here are some of the most common problems associated with foundations in older homes.

Lacking Enough Intermediate Support

The joists resting on foundation walls of the first floors in most homes are supported on a beam and post framework that extend to the central part of a crawl space or the basement. The posts in older homes may be rotten or they lack enough footings. A foundation repair expert will reinforce the beam and post framework or simply replace it using new lumber fitted on proper footings.

Excessive Moisture

Moisture tends to be problematic when there is a dirty floor with leaking walls. This will lead to rot and mould in the crawl space or basement area. Experienced contractors can easily establish the best waterproofing strategy that will be ideal for different situations.

Rotting Sills

The lumber sills resting on top of a foundation wall are prone to damage from moisture or insects. Carpenters in earlier years did not have wood treated under pressure to resist insects and rot. Today, pressure-treated wooden sills are used to replace the rotten ones.

Cracked Walls

If you notice cracks on the foundation wall and it is not settling or shifting, then you can repair them on your own. However, it is advisable to seek for professional assistance since older homes used lime mortar between the bricks or stones and this is different from today’s cement mortar.

Shifting and Settling

If the foundation has shifted, settled, or collapsed, call an expert immediately. The expert will most likely support the framing of the house above the area to be repaired as the soil gets stabilized and the walls are repaired.

In some instances, a part of a brick or stone foundation may have to be replaced with a concrete block or poured concrete. Your contractor should discuss the benefits and shortcomings of any repair project involving restoration unlike in repairing the foundation using modern materials.

You can easily find a foundation repair expert in Melbourne by doing a simple search on the internet. A reliable contractor should always be ready to serve you no matter the nature of your home’s foundation. Ensure you only go for a fully trained and certified contractor with many years of experience in repairing older homes.