Foundation Repair: The Solution to Restoring the Walls and Basement of Your Property

Repairing a damaged or weak foundation is a key construction project that restores the safety of a property. When a foundation has cracks, quick fixes such as using epoxy putty to fill the cracks are not sufficient. The best solution is fixing the problems from their roots.

Water tends to collect around or beneath the foundation such that it makes the soil to expand. The expansion exerts pressure and stress on the footing of the foundation and the walls, making the walls to develop some cracks.

Maintaining a foundation to keep it in its good state requires you make use of advanced methods of foundation repair. You also need to ensure that the gutters and drains surrounding the property are functioning properly. Also ensure the soil around the foundation of your home is properly graded. If the drains are damaged, water may seep into the soil on which the foundation sits.

It is advisable to hire a professional to address such issues. Here are the key reasons that make homeowners to repair their homes’ foundation, and the corresponding solution used in fixing the problems including the costs involved.

foundation wall crack repair in basement

Uneven Foundation

In case the walls and the floor have severe cracks, or the floor is quite uneven, then the best solution to fix these problems is reinforcing the foundation. This will prevent it from further damage and keep the home safe.

The process will involve address the problem by restoring the property’s walls from the inside using a mesh made of carbon fibre, wooden wall anchors, and steel braces. They are placed 6ft from each other along the property’s walls. The cost of buying steel braces and wood anchors is approximately $700.

An Alternative Way of Addressing the Problem of an Uneven Foundation

You can also fix the problem of having an uneven foundation by using a more affordable technique, as was used at Absolute Summit SEO owner’s house . This technique involves using epoxy and a mesh made of carbon fibre to prevent water from seeping into the property’s walls.

Once this is done, metal plate wall anchors are used in the interior side of the walls, and they are connected to each other using steel rods. These connectors are then tightened in place to straighten and impart stability on the walls.

The anchors have to be placed at a distance of 6-8ft from each other. The cost will be calculated based on the total number of the anchors to be used. Hence, if a larger distance is to be covered, then more anchors will be used, meaning a higher cost. Generally, a metal wall anchor costs around $600. The average cost for the entire project is approximately $40,000.

Leveling a Washed Out Part of the Foundation

Having broken water pipes, plugged gutters, and any other such drainage issues can wash out a significant section of a foundation. A contractor will use concrete to level out such a washed out part of the foundation. The cost of this process is approximately $500 but it can sometimes cost more.

From this information, it is clear that the situation at hand will determine the techniques and methodology you will use to repair your foundation and fix the walls.

Some procedures of fixing a damaged foundation will cost more than others. However, the important thing to consider is ensuring your foundation is strong and your home is secure. Hence, the cost shouldn’t be the main consideration.

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