Houses That May Require Restumping

Houses built along the coast regions across the globe are prone to damage from high waters, high winds, and blown sand. Houses that are already lifted on stumps are safer from these natural calamities but with time, the stumps may become damaged.

Stumps that are damaged and old can risk the safety of a home’s foundation. The floor joists might reach an extent of bending and this can make floors sag.

Floors that are sagging may make the doors jam since they become unaligned. This means it will be difficult to close or open the doors. The windows are also affected the same way. An uneven foundation leads to an uneven floor and this also makes it quite difficult to close or open windows.

Broken and cracked tiles are a clear sign of a home that is starting to settle in. The older homes that had tiles applied directly on cement boards lack room to flex, hence they give in. If the house is settled slightly, even just an inch, cracks will eventually start forming.

restumping and levelling a house

Plastered walls also start showing signs of bowing floor joists. Repairing a crack multiple times is pointless and does not really help in the end, unless you start with jacking up your floor and put new supporting stumps to replace old ones or simply repairing the current ones in case the damages are minor.

Affordable Restumping

The first thing to do when planning to jack up floors or raise the home is searching for an affordable and professional restumping company. Always be careful with firms that are unrealistically cheap than majority companies.

In case the overall cost ends up being much lower than the quote, the company might have used cheap and low quality materials while still cutting corners. A low quality stump repair job is the last thing you would wish for, therefore protect your house by investing in a reliable and professional company and always ask questions.

Majority of restumping professionals prefer having the homeowner on site when lifting starts. This way, the property owner is assured that the products being used are of high-quality and they are installed carefully and professionally. Some property owners even offer to assist with some manual labor during the project by moving light items.

Proper Preparations

When a home is being lifted, stumps are required to ensure the home is safer, level, and more secure. There’s a process that has to be followed when restumping.

Holes have to be dug according to predefined code. No matter the depth of the holes, it has to be layered with around 2 to 3 inches of rock. This enables proper drainage. If this is not done, then the posts may end up standing in a pool of water.

In case you will be using steel stumps, then you have to apply enamel on the surface to seal them from moisture. Once the enamel has dried, after around 4-5 hours, the next step is applying tar on the enamel. The two compounds give steel the protection it requires.

Whenever you think of elevating your home, be it for economic or security reasons, always know it is safer using quality materials and hire a professional company.

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