How to Protect Your Valuables During a House Raising and Levelling Project


Getting your home raised can be quite exciting for your entire family. It’s the time you’re preparing to expand your life once the project is completed, thanks to the added space that comes with house levelling in Melbourne.

As a homeowner who values their property, you’ll have several concerns and questions regarding a house raising project.

You definitely want to be assured that your valuables are protected during the entire process. Read on to learn how to protect your valuables during the project.

levelling a house in melbourne


Items inside Your House

Raising a house is typically a slow but smooth project. Thus, your belongings can remain indoors without having to pack them out.

By choosing a professional house raising company, you’ll be assured that the entire process is done gently and executed evenly such that your furniture won’t move out of place.

If you have fears that your items will roll around when executing the process, worry no more since such movement won’t occur.

However, in case you have breakable valuables placed on an unsecured area, like on the top of a cupboard, consider removing them and storing them in safer places.

Also, if your home has a valuable item, let’s say a spa or waterbed, make sure you empty any water before the project starts.


Items outside Your House

Since the project will be done from the outside, you should move items lying around the house to make it easier to access the site.

Thus, you may need to move any fencing, decking, and steps around the house. Also, remove any valuable landscaping items before the project is started and keep them in a safe area.

If you fail to remove important landscape features, they may get damaged by heavy machinery.


Items underneath Your House

Most homeowners use the basement as a storage space. If you’ve kept your belongings in the basement, then you should move them to a safer storage area to create enough space for the project.

The machinery used to raise a house does it from beneath the house. Thus, the machinery will need a safe and clear passage beneath your house.

In case some of the items are extremely heavy to move by yourself, then inform the house raising company in advance so that they can plan on how to handle the situation.

Any plumbing hanging beneath the floor should be removed. Also, any wires should be removed away from the floor joists.


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