Rot-Resistant Foundation Stumps


The foundation is the most vital part of any structure. It’s where a building is built and supports everything on top of it. Thus, a weakened foundation may cause the structure on top of it to weaken.

Also, the foundation is always exposed to numerous elements that make it deteriorate over time. Thus, a foundation should be strong at all times to keep the building and its occupants safe.

Whether you’re constructing a new home in Melbourne, restumping an old home, or relocating your current home, you should choose high-quality stumps for longevity. Make sure to choose a reputable restumping company in Melbourne.


concrete stumps


During earlier years, foundations were always constructed with timber stumps. Today, you’ll find that many older homes still have timber stumps.

Hardwood timber is a long-lasting material. Besides, timber is readily available, making it one of the most popular stumping materials.

Today, there are newer materials being used to make foundation stumps. They include steel and concrete. Thus, old and worn out timber stumps are often replaced with new steel or concrete stumps.

Nevertheless, the use of timber stumps has resurged. Even though steel and concrete last longer than timber, there are many homeowners who still prefer using timber stumps.



If you prefer using timber stumps, then consider going for hardwood timber. Hardwood is easier to use when fixing floor bearings than steel or concrete.

Also, hardwood timber stumps are more affordable than those made of concrete. However, timber stumps have a shorter lifespan.

They require replacement sooner than steel or concrete stumps. Moreover, timber is susceptible to damage resulting from pests and weather elements.

Deterioration of stumps has the potential to cause damages to a structure such as cracks in the external and internal walls, jamming doors and windows, sloping floors, and plumbing issues.

When choosing the kind of restumping material to use, it’s important to consider the quality of the soil. If you must use timber stumps, it’s advisable to use treated timber for longevity.

Restumping timber is typically treated to make it resist pests and weather elements. Treated timber is effective for use as floor bearers. Treated red gum and pine are some of the most popular timber options for restumping in most areas.



Concrete is costlier than timber. However, concrete stumps are more effective than timber stumps. Concrete stumps are hardwearing and can last indefinitely when used in less damp conditions.

When choosing concrete stumps, it’s important to consider the bearing of the affected floor. Also, talk with a restumping specialist for professional assistance on your restumping needs.


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