How Water and Moisture Can Damage Your Home’s Foundations

Basically, a home’s foundation is made up of a thick slab of poured concrete which is then reinforced with steel bars or fibre.

Simply put, if a foundation is done right, it is a strong element that can result into an unshakable structure regardless of its size. But did you know that water and moisture can be detrimental to your home’s foundation?

water damage to basement foundation of house

This is a painful truth that homeowners have to live with. It doesn’t matter how strong your foundation is, or the quality materials you used to construct your foundation. When water finds its way beneath it, you will have to deal with pricey repairs, or rebuild your home in worst cases, says Arco Heating Ltd.

But, how can water and moisture damage the foundation of my house?

This is a question that is probably running through your mind. You cannot contemplate how the foundation that you put a lot of effort, time, and resources can be destroyed by a liquid.

We always recommend that you use a reliable, professional plumber to help review any water damage to your foundations and to provide advice for remediation.

Below are some ways in which water and moisture are damaging your home foundation:


Soil saturated with water around your home

When the soil around your home is loosely packed, it absorbs a lot of water and moisture. When this happens, the water easily finds its way underneath the foundation, and its continuous presence becomes a threat to the integrity of the foundation.

Eventually, signs of damage become visible, and if you do not act quickly, then your home might crumble thunderously in no time, and you will be rendered homeless before you know it. This is a nightmare you would not wish to experience.

The best way to ensure that water is not absorbed by the soil around your home is by ensuring you have a working drainage system. Therefore, make sure that your gutter and downspouts are in good health and are working perfectly.

Additionally, grade your landscape in a way that it diverts water away from your foundation. This way, you will never experience this problem.


Structural cracks from water damage

Have you ever noted a few cracks on your foundation?

Well, if you have, you need to act fast. If you haven’t, then count yourself lucky, but be vigilant because no home is immune to this problem.

How do cracks occur, yet a foundation is a very strong element?

When water intrudes the supporting soil located beneath the foundation, it causes the ground to shift, which in turn makes the foundation lose the support it enjoys. This causes cracks on the foundation, walls, and other elements within a home.

In case you notice this problem, please call a professional builder who will detect the source of the problem and offer amicable solutions.


Soil contraction and expansion

When the soil around your home soaks in water, it expands, and exerts a lot of pressure on the foundation. When the soil dries, it contracts and adversely affects the foundation’s support.

These processes cause cracking and deformation and this compromises the strength of the entire structure.


Moist foundations cause structural damage

If you laid your foundation of a moist ground, it will easily absorb ground water. This will stimulate mould growth, which is a major catalyst of cracking.

To reduce moisture damage, install a dehumidifier, or close any crawl spaces. To do this, you will need the help of a professional foundation repair builder. Get the very best!

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