Reblocking refers to the process of replacing stumps that supports a house. Reblocking is also called restumping. Diamond Creek restumping is necessary for homes with wooden floors that are over 30 years.

These homes are mainly weatherboard homes or brick homes. As the house gets old, the timber stumps underneath rot and become weak, causing the house to exert pressure downwards due to its heavy weight.

The level of the house, therefore, is therefore not uniform. The stumps are replaced with more sharp stumps that are durable. They can also be replaced with steel stump which ensures that your home is in good condition.

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When To Go For Restumping

Knowing when you should carry out reblocking is important as it will prevent future damages which may occur to your house. If your house has slanting floors, it is necessary that you restump the timber underneath.

Also when carrying out a major renovation of the house wood underneath the house should be replaced. When your house has excellent moisture in the foundation’s reblocking process is necessary for your home.

When you are experiencing difficulties while opening or closing windows or doors, reblocking is required to eliminate this problem. When your tile floors have cracked, it is an indication that the timber stumps need to be replaced.


How To Reblock A House?

Reblocking is done by experts who carry out a visual inspection of the home. The expert scratches away the soil from the house foundation to analyze the ground condition. Plinth boards are detached, and jacks are set around the house to offer support during the removal procedure.

The expert also digs some holes to reach the plate, and finally, timber stumps are removed. New stumps are placed over the holes to create room for concrete.

Special equipment is used by the technicians to ensure the house has the perfect straight level. The concrete is put in the holes and jacks are detached after 48 hours to permit the concrete to set.

The costs of restumping depend or varies on the architecture of the house. Modern rooms will cost more than a typical traditional house. The number of stumps that the house requires may make the cost of stumping to vary. If your floor needs to be replaced, it is likely that it will cost less as timber stumps can be accessed quickly.

In conclusion, it is necessary to do restumping as it eliminates problems such as cracked floors, difficulties associated with doors and windows locking.

Moisture in the house can also be prevented through reblocking. However, house with termites or house which was poorly constructed is not worth the cost of restumping.

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