Reblocking, aka restumping is the process of replacing or removing aged or perhaps cracked, wooden or concrete foundation stumps that are supporting a home or building with new stumps so that structural stability is met and achieved. Get in touch with our Mooroolbark restumping team for more information.

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How is a home or building’s foundation stumps replaced?

To replace a home or building’s foundation stumps, professional contractors are brought in. They will first place hydraulic jacks to support the home/building’s floor and then dig out and remove the stumps that need replacement then methodically place new ones in.

This process usually results in minor damage to a home or building’s floor or walls so it is important that every home/business owner makes sure the contractor fixes those damages after they have successfully completed their work.


In what type of homes are damaged foundation stumps usually found?

The most common types of homes that are usually due for a replacement of foundation stumps are solid brick, weatherboard or brick veneer homes.


What causes foundation stumps to wear down over time?

There are a few reasons for a home’s foundation stumps to become damaged/worn down such as:

  • damp weather conditions
  • termite infestation
  • the stumps are not set properly on a solid base and therefore have sunken


What are some indicators that a home or building is in need of new foundation stumps without even looking at the stumps themselves?

There are a few major indicators that a home or building needs new foundation stumps such as:

  • walls that are showing signs of cracking
  • windows and doors that do not shut or close properly
  • noisy floors
  • if the building/home is sloping to one side or is not level 


Why is reblocking/restumping necessary?

Re-blocking/re-stumping is necessary as it prevents any structural collapse and keeps occupants safe and sound.


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