Home is the only place where your family should feel safe and secure. If wear and tear signs start to show at the foundation of your home, seek an expert to deal with the situation immediately.

Global Reblocking is a company with professionals that know how to deal with restructuring and repairing any cracks in the foundation of your home. Contact our Newport restumping specialists for a free quote.

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Restumping services in Melbourne’s South West

We have more than ten years of experience in providing efficient and quick structural repairs that will impose the foundation integrity of your home and turn it into a safe haven.

We have upgraded our technologies and services over the years to provide an economical and intelligent solution to families. Our equipment can detect faults that could destabilize a residence.

The moment we identify the areas that need to be restricted, our professionals will use high-end construction materials to prolong the life and strength of the foundation. Global Reblocking has a good reputation for delivering quality work that lasts for long.

We offer our clients a guarantee of twenty years during which we are ready to offer free service for any issues arise. However, we are confident with our skills and we are sure that no issue will come up.


Why choose Our Reblocking South West Melbourne services

Global Reblocking is a member of the Registered Building Practitioner as well as the Housing Industry Association (HIA). We have been extending our professional services to all parts of Melbourne.

Most families prefer us as their chosen structural specialist because we not only do quick repairs, but we also take the family through the step-by-step process of the foundation reinforcement project. We also advise them through the entire process.

Our company works on various kinds of home repair services from underpinning and relevelling to restumping and reblocking. Our complete package is quite affordable and it will not stretch your budget.

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