The Restumping Process


  1. Make sure you are fully covered by insurance, you will need to see that your chosen tradesman qualified and see appropriate proof


  1. Contact your local council to see about building permits and other requirements. In many cases you may need the building surveyor.


  1. Reputable companies will require small deposit of 10-15%.


  1. You will need to inquire about what’s actually going to be done on:
  • All stumps to existing heights or higher
  • Guaranteed leveling of floors
  • Reinstatement of entry points should always be checked and the owner needs to ask about it.


  1. The building will be prepared for raising and leveling, this may involve disconnection of some services:
  • It will be jacked up and levelled
  • New stump holes will be dug
  • Old ones will be removed
  • Stumps will then be set and finally the house will be set on the stumps

Any project that’s held close to the ground makes the job expensive with floor boards needing to be lifted. Houses that are close to the ground may benefit from being lifted. For more information on restumping houses in Melbourne, feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact form. We’ll get back to you asap!


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